Fidel Castro, a new era in history

A crowd receives Fidel in New York in April 1959
With Secretary of State Christian Herter. Photo: Bettman / Corbis

To the delight of some and the sadness of many, Fidel Castro, one of the most important figures in modern history deceased at the age of 90 on Friday, November 25th, 2016.

Fidel Castro led the rebellion in Cuba against the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista and led the Cuban Revolution from the victory on January 1, 1959 until he announced his resignation as president in 2006, for health reasons.

Fidel Castro is famous worldwide for his anti-imperialist ideas and for a humane and tenacious struggle against exploitation and oppression.

For decades he dedicated himself to the unity of Latin America, to Cuba’s sovereignty, peace, the independence of states and equality and prosperity for the working class. He was an example for many and a source of inspiration for communists and other revolutionaries to continue this struggle in their own countries.

As a politician he displayed unparalleled dignity and his statistical knowledge was outstanding.

During Fidel Castro’s period of office Cuba’s foreign policy and scientific progress, especially in the medical field but also the country’s achievements in the fields of education, culture and sports have put the country in the limelight internationally.

His 90th birthday was an exceptional event which captured the headlines worldwide.

Fidel Castro’s personality and his charismatic leadership evoked extreme passions but never indifference. Even his main opponents usually recognize his courage and the consistent defense of his ideals during a long life. He will live on as a person of great influence in a Cuba that is on the way of transforming itself.

He was one of the most photographed men in the world.

In Cuba the struggle will continue with younger comrades led by his brother Raul. The world says goodbye to a great communist leader, who succeeded in combining humour, dignity, deep insight and determination and who is rightfully considered a father of the Cuban people.

Venceremos, NCPN, Central Committee, november 26th, 2016

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