Greek communists on the election result

The strengthening of the KKE marks a tendency for forces to rally around it again

Below you can find a table with the complete results and the full statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE :

  Elections 2015 Elections 2012
  % votes % votes
KKE 5.5% 337,947 4.5% 277,204
SYRIZA 36.3% 2,246,064 26.9% 1,655,086
ND 27.8% 1,718,815 29.7% 1,825,637
GOLDEN DAWN 6.3% 388,447 6.9% 425,990
RIVER 6.0% 373,868 - -
INDEPENDENT GREEKS 4.8% 293,371 7.5% 462,466
PASOK 4.7% 289,482 12.3% 755,868

Statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumpas on the election results of 25th January 2015

First of all, we would like to salute the thousands of working people in our country, the young people that responded to the appeal of the KKE and contributed to its strengthening today, confirming the positive tendency of forces to rally again around the KKE, the tendency to regain votes. This tendency appeared last year, in the EU parliamentary elections, the regional and municipal elections and continued in all the various struggles of the people, in the labour, trade union and wider people's movement.

In particular we would like to salute the people who voted for the KKE for the first time, because they appreciated its firmness, consistency and selflessness.

As a whole, the election results reflect the great discontent and anger of the people against ND and PASOK, the parties that plunged the people into poverty and unemployment during the economic crisis.

Of course they express to a great extent the false hope that the new government of SYRIZA might follow a political line in favour of the people.

Based on the official statements and positions of SYRIZA before and during the election campaign, the KKE has assessed that the new composition of the Parliament and the formation of a government of SYRIZA - either on its own or in a coalition government - will follow the beaten track: the EU one way street, the commitments to big capital, monopolies, the EU and NATO with the negative implications for our people and the country. Once again the people will pay the price for these choices.

We consider particular negative the fact that a Nazi party, a party with specific criminal murderous activity, a party that was formed by the mechanisms of the system, a party that is clearly against the interests of the people, has received again a significant percentage of the electorate's votes.

As a whole, we assess that the line of counterattack and rupture with the capitalist path of development, the EU and against the policies that support this path through assimilation and passivity must be strengthened among the people and the movement.

The KKE will increase its efforts and initiatives regarding the acute problems of the workers and the people, with our proposals for the relief of the unemployed, the families fro the popular strata, the self-employed, the farmers and the students.

It will increase its efforts for the regroupment of the labour and people's movement, the construction of the people's alliance in order for the people to realize their hopes and expectations and free themselves for the yoke of the monopolies.

We will fight both inside and outside the parliament, with the strength that the people gave to our party so as to reveal the plans that are being concocted against the people.

We will fight dynamically as the militant workers'-people's opposition, as the organizer and the driving force of the workers' struggle and the people's alliance for the survival of the people and also for the prospect of a radical overthrow.

We wish strength to all of you. We continue our struggle! Thank you.

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